Alpha Phi Sorority at the University of Texas


Welcome to the Alpha Phi Recruitment page!
My name is Avery McCuistion and I’m the Vice President of Membership Recruitment for Alpha Phi. I want to congratulate you on your acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin! One of the most exciting opportunities here on campus is joining the Greek community. As a member of Alpha Phi, I have been able to engage in social and philanthropic events with my sisters and build meaningful bonds that will last a lifetime. Formal recruitment is a fun process that gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and create memories along the way.


If you would like more information or are interested in registering, please visit our Panhellenic website:

Please send all letters of recommendation to me at:
2005 University Ave
Austin, Texas 78705

Please send all electronic recommendations to:
This email tends to fill up quickly, and there is a maximum amount of space. If you attempt to submit an email and get denied, please try again after a few days.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall for Recruitment 2017!

Meet the Recruitment Team!


  Jinny Kooken

Austin, Texas


Haley Afflack

Dallas, Texas

Nicole Stewart

Austin, Texas

Jordyn Jensen

Chicago, Illinois


Katie Arey

Austin, Texas


Recruitment 2017 Schedule:

Monday, August 21 – Opening Convocation

Tuesday, August 22 & Wednesday, August 23 – Open House

Thursday, August 24 & Friday, August 25 – Philanthropy

Saturday, August 26 – Sisterhood

Sunday, August 27 – Preference

Monday, August 28 – BID DAY!!!

Writing a Reference for a Legacy or Potential New Member? Find out more information here!


We can’t wait to meet you this fall!

XOXO, Recruitment Team