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The Magic of Bid Day

By: Lynzi Rojas, PC15

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I have never felt so much energy in one auditorium than on Bid Day last year. Girls were frantic with excitement, some with anxiety, about opening their cards. Personally, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed, but, deep down, I knew what was written on that card. I have forgotten how long we had to wait, it’s a blur now to be honest, but when the time was right, after I had slid my finger over my name on the front of the envelope about a hundred times, I opened my card and there in red script, were the words Alpha Phi

Chaos ensued as girls quickly grabbed their belongings and raced outside to be greeted with giant Greek letters in the air. Luckily for me, I saw the letters of Alpha Phi right away and hurried as fast as my wedges would allow me over to them. There was a cluster of girls already there, girls who I now call my best friends, all of us smiling with excitement in the August heat. It only took a couple minutes for the rest of us to arrive, then we all started running, and when I say running, I mean full on sprinting to the house. I immediately slid off my wedges and kept on running past the FAC, past the Tower, past Littlefield Fountain, to my new home.

My cheeks were aching from my smile, my feet were burning from the run, and I was extremely sweaty, but none of that mattered at all. My Bid Day buddies found me, pinned an ivy leaf with my name on it to me, handed me adorable balloons, and ushered me around for pictures in front of the house, inside the house, everywhere. My mom and her best friend (who also is her sorority sister from college) were there, wanting to capture every moment of my special day. Everyone was rushing around the house, handing us, the “babies,” tank tops, shorts, headbands, flash tats, and my favorite, a pink fanny pack, to put on quickly in our rooms.

After I had changed clothes, applied several flash tats to my face, arms, and legs, and basically covered my entire body with glitter, all of us clambered onto multiple buses to take us to a barge on Lake Austin. I was jamming out on my bus, meeting several girls, both my age and older, having an absolute blast, when we arrived and quickly made our way to the barge. I’m not sure how long we were on the barge, but time literally flew because of how much fun everyone was having on it. We ate, we laughed, we talked, we danced, we took thousands of pictures, oh, and we got our faces painted in the cutest ways. The air surrounding us was filled with energy and joy, everyone smiling their brightest smiles.

Bid Day will be cherished in my heart forever. It was filled with an incredible amount of excitement and joy and laughter, but that is only part of the reason why it is so special to me. On that day, I was welcomed to a new home, to a sisterhood that has become extremely precious to me. My sorority has become one of the largest parts of my life in the past year, giving me a wonderful group of girls, or sisters, that have become some of my best friends. I joined Alpha Phi because it is most definitely the One To Be (-:



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